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Why flirting?

When I started my career as a Flirtcoach nine years ago, many people thought I was crazy! Giving Flirtworkshops had no chance; they told me. And now, 9 years later, Flirting really makes a difference. Flirting your way in business and life, makes your life more worthwhile and your development goes much faster. The thoughts behind the Flirtingconcept have not changed in these 9 years. To me, Flirting is about making a heart connection with another person. This goes beyond fear, ego and conditioned behavior, and is many times more powerful than a connection made by head, the contact at the cognitive level. Children from the age of 4-7 years know exactly how to flirt!! They perfectly know how to make heartconnections. We as an adult have forgot we where that age also…..long, long time ago! And therefore we are connecting with eachother in a very difficult way. We have really have to un-wrap! We have to start flirting again.


With our flirting workshops and training programs we train on the level of unconscious human behavior. Where ego, fear and conditioned behavior are rooted and where stimuli on a cognitive level will never be the change. Flirting helps to bring you head (mind) in contact with your heart.


With Flirting workshops and trainings, we achieve that people allow themselves and others to flourish without wanting to be in the centre of everything. They make other people grow and grow themselves at the same time.

Angelique at TEDx

Angelique van ‘t Riet is all about making ‘heartconnections’. Immersing yourself in this type of interaction helps to transcend fear, ego, and conditioned behavior. As such, it is much more powerful than the cognitively rationalized interaction style we are so accustomed to in modern everyday life. Twelve years ago she discovered that flirting, a practice that springs from heartconnections, makes life more worthwhile and business develop faster. The problem is many adults have forgotten how to flirt and engage with each other through the heart. The result? Warm connections are hardly attained, making it nearly impossible to fully tap from the potential of ourselves and our network. During her talk Angelique wants to help us unwrap and learn flirting again.

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Call me at (0031) 6 533 543 05 or send an e-mail to angelique@universalflirtingacademy.com

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